Testimonial: Meet Joel Shyaka a certified ICDL trainer, and data analyst.

Today, we have the pleasure of hearing from Joel Shyaka, a certified ICDL Trainer, and data analyst. Shyaka is a highly skilled individual with a passion for digital literacy and empowering others. As a certified ICDL Trainer and data analyst, Joel has made a significant impact the lives of individuals by equipping them with essential digital skills through the ICDL certification.

QN: Joel, thank you for joining us today. Tell us about your experience being a certified ICDL Trainer?

Joel: Certainly! I have had the privilege of certifying over 97 graduate students in University with the ICDL certification. This certification has proven to be a game-changer for both the students and me. The ICDL has played a crucial role in sharpening the digital literacy skills of these beneficiaries, empowering them to thrive in the digital age.

QN: That’s impressive! Can you share more on the specific skills have they mastered through the ICDL certification?

Joel: Absolutely! Through the comprehensive ICDL curriculum, I have witnessed remarkable growth in the individuals I have trained. Their confidence has soared as they mastered essential digital skills such as using various software applications, understanding online safety and security measures, and effectively utilizing digital tools for productivity and communication.

The ICDL certification has indeed opened doors for these graduate students, allowing them to stand out in today’s competitive job market. With their newfound digital literacy skills, they have become valuable assets to their future employers, contributing to increased productivity and innovation within their respective fields.

QN: That’s fantastic! On a personal level, being an ICDL Trainer must have been quite fulfilling. Can you share your experience?

Joel: Being an ICDL Trainer has been an incredibly fulfilling experience. It has allowed me to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals who were eager to acquire essential digital skills. Witnessing their growth and seeing their achievements as they obtained the ICDL certification has been immensely rewarding. It has enabled me to forge a career in Data Analysis, where I presently use my skills in my current occupation.

The impact of the ICDL certification goes beyond enhancing employability. It has contributed to bridging the digital divide by empowering individuals from various backgrounds and professions to embrace technology and navigate the digital landscape with confidence and competence. It has truly opened new opportunities for them.

That’s truly inspiring, Joel! Thanks a lot for taking time to share with us your experience with ICDL Certification. Any last words to the audience?

Joel: Absolutely, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the ICDL program for equipping me with the knowledge and resources to positively impact the lives of others. I am proud to be associated with a program that is dedicated to promoting digital literacy and empowering individuals worldwide. If you are considering becoming an ICDL Trainer or seeking to obtain the ICDL certification, I highly encourage you to take that step. The skills you acquire and the impact you can make are immeasurable. I am confident that you will find the journey as rewarding as I have.


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