Rwanda Digital schools project.

The Rwanda Digital school project is a partnership project between Computer Aid International, Rwanda Education Board and ICDL Africa which aims to establish Digital Schools (with 40 PCs each), across 8 secondary schools in Kigali, Rwanda. In total the project will supply 320 PCs, 24 laptops, assistive technology to aid teaching and impact up to 2,000 students from underprivileged communities in the project’s first phase (and up to 12,000 students in the technology’s life cycle). For many students attending these institutions, this project offers the first opportunity to access ICT. Computer Aid International (CAI)has also sponsored each participating school  teacher training and capacity-building through its partner ICDL Africa, ensuring that the benefits of ICT continue to be passed on to other educators within the school.

Over the past two weeks, CAI, represented by Ludovic Gautier and Nicholas Gatete from ICDL Africa visited some of the schools selected by Rwanda Basic Education Board across Rwanda to meet the teachers that were trained in ICDL programme and look at Computer labs. Computer Aid has started equipping the labs and we have a plan to train more 24 teachers in 2022. 

The project aims to enhance the quality of learning, educational achievement and life chances of school- children from Rwanda, by increasing their access to 21st century resources and the opportunities these resources enable.

With a plan to train over 800 students in 2023 from the 8 schools, Computer Aid International wants to ensure that at least each school has 6 teachers certified in ICDL programme.

The process of equipping the schools with IT equipment is almost at its completion and we hope to finalize the process by the end of November 2021.


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