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 Alliance High School becomes Kenya’s First National Public Secondary School to adopt ICDL 

In the heart of Nairobi Kenya, a significant milestone in digital education was reached as ICDL Africa was invited to issue ICDL ATC (Accredited Test Center) certificate at The Alliance High School. The occasion symbolized the dawn of a transformative journey in this esteemed national public school’s pursuit of digital excellence.  The Alliance High School, …

ICDL Africa : Blog News

Becoming a Beacon of Excellence in Healthcare Education: ECUREI’s ICDL Accreditation Journey 

The Ernest Cook Ultrasound Research and Education Institute (ECUREI) recently achieved a significant milestone – the completion of accreditation to become an ICDL Accredited Test Center. Just a few days ago, the prestigious institute was fully launched as an ICDL Center in Kampala, Uganda. This achievement marks a remarkable step towards their vision of becoming …

ICDL Africa : Blog News

Empowering Somaliland’s Digital Workforce: Specto Accredits a New ICDL Center.

Specto, the ICDL National Operator in Somaliland, has recently achieved a significant milestone by accrediting the HIT HAAD Institute of Technology as an authorized ICDL training and testing center. This accomplishment is set to elevate digital competency standards in the region, benefiting both employees and students. Mr. Muhammed Sulub, the General Manager of HIT HAAD …

ICDL Africa : Blog News


ICDL Africa, the leading provider of internationally recognized digital skills certification, is proud to announce the launch of the ICDL Africa Digital Explorer in Uganda. This student competition aims to equip the future workforce with essential digital skills and promote digital literacy among students. The launch event took place on 10 July 2023 at Golden …

ICDL Africa Digital Explorer Competition – Kenya Edition Concludes with Outstanding Success!

The ICDL Africa Digital Explorer Competition – Kenya Edition reached its exhilarating conclusion after weeks of intense competition and technological prowess. The competition, which commenced with its grand launch at the ATC forum on 24th May 2023, marked a historic moment as the first of its kind in Kenya. With 10 participating schools and a …

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ICDL Training in Ethiopia: A Significant Step towards Capacity Building and Technological Advancement

Capacity building is a crucial element in the development of individuals and organizations, especially in the field of education and technology. The ICDL training of 15 people in Ethiopia by Jean Baptiste Mbanzabugabo, the Dean of the School of Computing and Information Technology at the University of Kigali, is a significant step towards enhancing the …

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Standardizing Digital Skills in Higher Learning Institutions in Rwanda

On March 31, 2023, Higher Education Council, in partnership with ICDL Africa, held a meeting with over 26 Higher Learning Institutions in Rwanda. The objective was to discuss how the institutions could implement the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) program, with the aim of having all students graduate with internationally recognized digital skills certification. In …


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