ICDL Graduation at King David Academy

King David Academy (KDA) graduated 147 students in ICDL modules.

In his speech, the students’ representative from King David Academy said that, they have learnt a lot from ICDL training. They have confidence that wherever they will take that certificate, it will be recognised and that it is a great value added to their formal education. The students believe that the modules have given them skills that helped them know how to operate on a computer and therefore there are prepared for their further studies and for entering in the workforce once finished with their studies.

King David Academy (KDA) graduated 147 students in ICDL modules. During the event that was held on Visitation day, parents and guardians of students were present as well as representatives from Ministry of ICT (MINICT) and Innovation and University of Tourism Technology and Business Studies. 

Ms Annet Mutamuliza, the Director of King David Academy thanked the government of Rwanda for the infrastructure that has set in place for the citizens to benefit from and was delighted for the opportunity that was extended to King David students to be able to certify in ICDL modules an international Digital Certification. The representative from MINICT congratulated King David Academy for being one of the first schools in Rwanda to offer ICDL certification. He explained that soon ICDL will be the standard certification for entering the workforce and told the students that they are lucky to be certified in the present. 

More students have enrolled in the ICDL programme and expecting more to be certified in 2020.


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