ICDL Africa expanding its existence in West Africa (Francophone Region).

To date, thirteen Accredited Test Centres in West Africa are active and operational in delivering the Digital Literacy Skills.

ICDL Africa started its activities in West Africa in 2016. To date, thirteen Accredited Test Centres are active and operational in delivering the Digital Literacy Skills.

It is in that regard that the ICDL Foundation CEO Damien O’ Sullivan together with the ICDL Africa General Manager Solange Umulisa did a tour to the West Africa and witnessed the yield from the ground.

The CEO and General Manager started by visiting the SOS Village d’Enfant in Benin.

SOS Village Benin

The Delegation of ICDL visited SOS Village d’enfants Benin which is an ICDL Accredited Test Centre. They had a brief meeting with the Managing Director and visited the children classrooms with very well equipped facilities in place where the children practice the IT training, Music, Tailoring, Fabrics etc.

WIN Africa

Damien and Solange visited the WIN Africa’s office in Benin and had a meeting with its team. The ATC  presented the results of the assessment that was done for the 1540 civil servants from various Administrative entities across the Country and was shared with the Minister for ICT.

 The report will officially be handed over to the President of the Republic of Benin in which the need for Digital literacy training will be discussed with a plan to kick of the ICDL Programme implementation across the country.

Haute École de Commerce et de Management (HECM)

This ICDL accredited test center) was officially inaugurated by the ICDL Foundation CEO Damien O’Sullivan and ICDL Africa General Manager Solange Umulisa together with the Management of the school which was represented by Abomey-Calavi).

The School uses the ICDL French testing platform (Sophia). This year, the school started with training and certifying fifteen (15) students and have plans in place to increase the numbers in the coming months.

Agency of the Universal Service for Electronic Communications and Post (ABSU CEP)

The Agency of the Universal Service for Electronic Communications and Post (ABSU CEP), is one among the ICDL Accredited Test Centres in Benin.

During the visit, the ICDL Foundation CEO handed the Accreditation Test Certificate to Emile KOUGBADI who is the ATC representative.

The ceremony was chaired by Mrs. Aurélie I. Adam Soule Zoumarou, The Minister of Digital and Digitalization in Benin. The Minister officially launched the certification activities to the ICDL standards at ABSU-CEP. This ATC hasa total of 61 sites spread across the Country.

The plan of the Centre is to train and boost the Digital skills of Beninese administrative staffs, teachers and students, artisans and shopkeepers to the ICDL standards.

Agence National du Service Universelle des Telecommunications (ANSUT)

After Benin, Côte d’Ivoire was the next Francophone Region visited by the ICDL Foundation CEO together with ICDL Africa General Manager and the ICDL Francophone Representative and met the stakeholders,

During a visit at ANSUT, the Management Committee led by Mr. Euloge Soro-Kipeya, Director General of ANSUT, had a working session with the ICDL team and discussed mainly on the existing partnership and evaluated the progress of the Certification Programme.

This session was followed by an official launch of the National Certification Programme for the Digital Skills.

The ANSUT Pilot centre for the training will be the focal point to the National Certification Program of the Digital Skills .



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