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ICDL Africa - Francophone Africa Visit - Benin, Togo and Cote d'Ivoire

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March 2019


WIN Africa - Benin: ICDL Africa Team met the WIN Africa Benin and Burkina Faso team. They discussed about the opportunities in the market. Based on their feedback, there is huge need for ICDL certification. The challenge they have is lack of awareness and not having all modules in French. The team presented the plans they have to ensure they raise awareness so that they can increase the numbers of candidates. They also presented the technical challenges they have with Sophia and the Technicak Support Specialist from ICDL Africa, Joseph Mugisha promised to work together with the team and ensure the issues are resolved. WIN Africa has played a key role in training and organizing Train the Trainer programme for trainers of new ATCs in the Pipeline.

@BSU-CEP - Benin: Is the arm of the government that oversees digitising the country and is a lead with a plan to become an ATC. They are in the middle of setting up containers at 24 schools each with 41 computers and this is planned to be completed by end of April 2019 after which they will start equipping the smart containers. Once the smart containers are up and running, they will be training 1,800 people every week in a period of 2 months in Digital Citizen module. They will start with training 100 trainers who will then be deployed to train others. The training will start early September 2019. Every year the Government of Benin will be having a budget for this project and it will be a continuous project. The project is called Benin Digitale.


PFMDD: This is a Private ATC with a good track record and are currently training GIZ employees. This is an ICDL first ATC in Benin. They are doing well, and they were happy to hear that ICDL is planning to have all ICDL modules translated in French. 

CED - Benin: This is a university that mainly offers studies using Distant and E-Learning platforms. During the visit, ICDL Africa signed a contract and they plan to start training the first week of April. They already have trainers who are certified, went through the TTT. The university has very good labs and good internet connectivity. According to the account plan they will certify 450 candidates by the end of 2019. They are part of a network of Distance Learning universities present in 155 countries and work with Computer Aid.

SOS Village d’Enfants Benin: The ICDL team visited the offices of SOS Benin to meet with the country director during which they presented him with the ATC certificate. They are targeting their students and staff to start with aiming to certify 100 by the end of this year. The success of this project will open doors for all SOS villages in 19 different countries in west Africa and eventually Africa, as they have it in their goals to certify in ICDL all their kids. SOS Benin currently has 3600 students under their care. They also work with @BSU-CEP as an implementation partner. They will play a key role in training the population at large as they have very good facilities in a region where there is a lack of computer Labs. 


International University of Management and Accounting (IUMA):ICDL Team visited IUMA which is in the process of becoming an ATC. They have 3 Campuses in Benin with more than 6000 students. They want to certify in base modules at least 400 students by end of this year. They plan to make ICDL programme mandatory to all students in all the campuses in the next academic year.


KEEWEE Partners: ICDL Team met the team that Manages ICDL Activities in the Francophone region. They are planning a campaign to visit private Universities across Togo with an objective of having at least 3 universities on board by the end of this year.

Cote d'Ivoire

On the first day in Abidjan,ICDL Team had a ceremony of signing the MOU between ANSUT and ICDL Africa. The signing was done in the presence of all the Directors of ANSUT and representatives of the World Bank, EU, UNWomen, and the Special advisor to the President of Cote d'Ivoire who was the guest of honor. The team also had a graduation Ceremony to celebrate the Women of ANSUT (17) who have completed their Base Modules. ANSUT has taken a huge step in certifying their employees as by now 50 out of 140 are Base modules certified with an objective of having all their employees certified in the 7 modules by end of this year. ANSUT’s next step is to have a ministerial order approving ICDL programme as the standard in Digital literacy by this year. The Special advisor also iterated her support for that to happen and promised to advocate for that in the presidency.

On the second day, the ICDL team visited VITIB which is a free trade zone area that hosts just IT and Bio Tech companies. The team was able to see their labs that ANSUT as a stakeholder in VITIB intends to use for large scale trainings. They have 2 labs with 30 computers each. They have more computers and can readily increase the number of labs depending on need. The ICDL team visited the WIN Africa team in Cote d'Ivoire that has a great task of assisting ANSUT in the trainings that are intended to start soon. We also had a meeting with ANSUT on the way forward and agreed on each player’s role in the implementation of the programme in Cote d'Ivoire. 
ICDL will oversee the programme and on the ground and the ICDL Francophone Reresentative Daris Baguidi will ensure the ICD quality standards are adhered to and provide technical support. ANSUT will be the implementor, it will also ensure that ICDL programme is made mandatory in Cote d'Ivoire. ANSUT will provide Access to funding, raise Awareness of the programme, work on the translation of the modules in French and regulate the pricing for ICDL in Cote d’Ivoire.