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Graduation of over 120 trainees/ trainers at Rwanda Management Institute(Muhanga)

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On Saturday 31st march 2018, a graduation of over 120 trainees/trainers took place at Rwanda Management Institute in Muhanga. All trainees successfully completed the seven modules of ICDL Programmes in period of 20 days. The graduates covered all the seven modules such online Essentials, computer Essentials, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentation, Using database, Online collaboration and IT security. There are expected to train the public servants across the country.

During the graduation, it was a great honour to receive the Minister of ICT in Rwanda, Hon. Minister Jean de Dieu Rurangirwa who was the guest of honour.  He emphasize that the certificates given should not be taken for granted and kept in drawers.

Minister of ICT giving remarks

Learning and receiving a certificate is one thing, but making sure you gain the skills is the main target. You have now graduated but there are other workmates of yours who stayed at your work places who have not yet certified. In order this programme to boost, it will depend on your commitment. It’s not only for us having the skills but rather for promoting the digital literacy and efficiency use of ICT skills in our daily basis” advised the Minister.

The Minister continued, clarifying that using the ICT it is only a choice due to the world’s direction, he assigned the graduates that it is time for them to split the skills across in the country.

The Director General of Rwanda Management Institute, Mr. Wellars Gasamagera, said that the idea of introducing ICDL programme was due to the Public servants who were not using ICT effectively.

 RMI Director, addressing to the panel

He explained that : He explained that 55,000 civil servants which is ½ of the entire public servants in the country will be certified.

In his statement he said “We have noticed that the level of use of these machines we have, does not match with the same way we should be using them. In what we have been discussing and trained, we realised a huge gap and yet we assumed we knew. We are very pleased with the time spent''.

The country Manager of ICDL Africa, Solange Umulisa was also present at the graduation.  She said that ICDL Africa will work closely with the government in order to allocate the ICT skills needed.

ICDL Africa Country Manager,Solange Umulisa sharing her remarks

‘’Our country has a target of knowledge based economy, it would not be possible if the population does not have that knowledge. Whoever is concerned, should do the possible to meet that journey, so that we can stand on the same level with other developed countries which succeeded due to its population who retain the ICT knowledge’’. She said.

In order to certify the targeted 55,000 Public Servants, the government should allocate a budget of Rwf 17 billion. Said Lambert Ntagwabira, the Capacity & Skills Development, Senior Technologist at Ministry of ICT in Rwanda.

Lambert_MITEC envoy

It is in the Government’s plan, that every new employee at the labour market should have the ICDL Certificate. With time, the government support will be reducing which means everyone will be covering the fees on his/her own.

Minister issuing to his Personal Assistant