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The Computer Society of Zimbabwe (CSZ) was founded in 1974 with the principal objective of benefitting the ICT industry in Zimbabwe. The society's aims are to educate the general public on the use and development of Information Technology.

CSZ are the ICDL National Operator for Zimbabwe. Since 1999, CSZ has been administering the International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) in an endeavour to promote the level of computer literacy and competency nation-wide. NAMACO (National Manpower Advisory Council) has recommended that ICDL be the standard for entry level ICT education.

When the ICDL program was adopted in Zimbabwe in 1999, banks, corporate organizations as well as private schools took up the program.

CABS one of the banks which was an early adopter required all its employees to go through the program and certify. They hired a trainer who was stationed at the bank for the duration of the project. After the project was completed any new employee would have to have the ICDL certification for them to be hired.

Delta Corporation was the first corporate to adopt the ICDL program. It also required all its employees to go through the program starting with the top management downwards.

In early 2000s several banks which included Stanbic, Zimbank Beverly Building Society and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe adopted the ICDL programme for their employees. The Reserve Bank pushed 400 of its staff members through the certification. An outside trainer was contracted for the project.

Several universities in the country have also embraced the ICDL program. 90% of the private schools in Zimbabwe realised the value of the ICDL and quickly adopted the programme. 17 years down the line these schools are still certifying their students on the ICDL programme every year.

Zimbabwe continues to be early adopter for all new ICDL programmes, in early 2016 it began a pilot of the new ICT in Education module across 3 schools.

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